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"A vision that anticipates the future"

The M.E.N.A. Innovation Technology Transfer Summit is under the High patronage of
His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi,
Supreme Council Member of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Sharjah

Sharjah 10:00 am, Paris 8:00 am, NYC 2:00 am – 45 minutes session

Personal space: how technology and a global pandemic is changing how we experience the physical world

Sharjah 10:45 am, Paris 8:45 am, NYC 2:45 am – 1 hour session

COVID-19 has accelerated our reliance on online experiences. As a collective, we have rapidly adapted to digital learning, working, and socializing. But with so much of our daily lives increasingly happening online, how does this change our relationship to our physical surroundings? This panel of experts discusses what is to be gained through digital possibilities, and what we might be missing with less physical interaction.


Sharjah 11:45am, Paris 9:45am, NYC 3:45am – 15 minutes session


Zoom. SkyWay String Transport in SRTI Park

Sharjah 12:00pm, Paris 10:00am, NYC 4:00am – 15 minutes session

SkyWay String Transport is designed to change forever the conception of speed, comfort and safety on the roads. These systems are superior to all the known types of ropeways and monorails, whereas they have all their advantages that allow to ride above the ground at speeds of up to 500 km/h.


Sharjah 12:15pm, Paris 10:15am, NYC 4:15am – 15 minutes session

Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews and Africanews, will be expresssing how the news industry is having to adapt in an era where digitalization has given access to an abundance of information and has created a very competitive market to reach.

Panel. Surviving disruption: how to rethink transportation and get it off the ground

Sharjah 12:30pm, Paris 10:30am, NYC 4:30am – 1 hour session

Modern transportation is currently experiencing major changes thanks to transformative transportation technologies.  In this panel, industry leaders discuss how the next era of transportation will be off the ground.


Sharjah 1:30pm, Paris 11:30am, NYC 5:30am – 15 minutes session


Sharjah 1:45pm, Paris 11:45am, NYC 5:45am – 15 minutes session

Dr Abdallah Suleiman, Head of Strategy Department & Chief Innovation, Officer Ministry of Justice, UAE, will be sharing his thoughts on the future of justice in relevance with technological advancements and sustainable development goals.

Fireside chat

Sharjah 2pm, Paris 12am, NYC 6am – 30 minutes session

Melissa Slaymaker, South Africa’s Women in tech ambassador will be having a fireside chat with Dr Adriana Marais, a theoretical physicist, international speaker and the Founder of Proudly Human, pioneering new frontiers in research and technology for a resilient future on Earth, Mars and beyond.

Panel. A sustainable future or no future at all: how together industry sectors can save the planet

Sharjah 2:30pm, Paris 12:30pm, NYC 6:30am – 1 hour session

It is understood that a cohesive work environment and cross-collaboration is the most effective path to innovation. Companies talk constantly about breaking down silos, building partnerships, and creating ecosystems. But what about across industries? To innovate for humanity, a holistic view that transcends borders and industries is required. In this panel, experts from government, industry, and nonprofits discuss what it means to have true inter-sector partnership, and how to do it well.


Sharjah 3:30pm, Paris 1:30pm, NYC 7:30am – 15 minutes session

If innovation can change a country, it can change our entire region: Jerusalem, Abu Dabi, Cairo, Amman Dubai, Casablanca, Tunisa, Riad


Sharjah 3:45pm, Paris 1:45pm, NYC 7:45am – 30 minutes session

Ministerial panel

Sharjah 4:15pm, Paris 2:15pm, NYC 8:15am – 1 hour session

Ministerial panel on sustainable development in 2020-2030. The role of innovation and technology transfer in the decade to come in order to achieve the UN’s SDG’s.

Panel. The Future of Space. Why and How can we take humans to Mars?

Sharjah 5:15pm, Paris 3:15pm, NYC 9:15am – 1 hour session

A human mission to Mars is no longer science fiction. Getting humans to Mars and keeping them safe is something we should witness in a pretty near future. Why and How should humankind reach the red planet?

Keynote by Swati Mandela

Sharjah 6:15pm, Paris 4:15pm, NYC 10:15am – 5 minutes session

Swati Mandela is a co-founder of the Qunu Staffing Human Capital Solutions entity, co-founder of Long Walk to Freedom Clothing and a non-profit that delivers container libraries to disadvantaged communities in South Africa. She is a real social entrepreneur who supports important values, following in the footsteps of her grandfather Nelson Mandela. Introducing our next panel, Swati shares her insights on how important it is to reduce the digital divide in every country across the globe.

Panel. Internet as a fundamental right: how to reduce the digital divide

Sharjah 6:20pm, Paris 4:20pm, NYC 10:20am – 55 minutes session

Disparity in our access to technology, and the internet, exists everywhere. Within countries and between countries, our ability to gain an education, employment, and information is crucial to our quality of life, but ultimately depends on where you live and your economic circumstances. In this panel, we discuss why equal access to the internet is key to the prosperity of generations to come, and what actions are being taken now to reduce the digital divide.

Tech Talk – The 15 minutes City

Sharjah 7:15pm, Paris 5:15pm, NYC 11:15am – 15 minutes session

Panel. Planting the seed: from a smart city to the living city

Sharjah 7:30pm, Paris 5:30pm, NYC 11:30am – 1 hour session

Smart Cities represent a Utopian Paradise in 2020. A place where technology creates a seamless experience for the pleasure of a community. But smart cities are contentious, with questions around privacy, security, and the impact they have on the environment. So how do we make a smart city a liveable one? This panel of experts discuss how to take the best parts of technology and innovation, and build them into an ethical, sustainable space.


Sharjah 8:30pm, Paris 6:30pm, NYC 12:30pm – 15 minutes session

Sustainable innovation depends not only on the collaboration of countries and industry, but on the financial health of the community. Veronica Zavala Lombardi, Managing Director of the Inter-American Development Bank and Former Minister of Transport in Peru, is an expert in digital transformation and inclusion. She joins Isabelle Verlarde to discuss the impact technology is making to global economics.

Firesidechat with Dr Paulo Alvim, Secretary Minister of Technology and Innovation of Brazil

Sharjah 8:45pm, Paris 6:45pm, NYC 12:45pm – 15 minutes session

Panel. Less is more: how minimalism is the key to achieving 2030 SDGs

Sharjah 9:00pm, Paris 7:00pm, NYC 1:00pm – 1 hour session

It’s difficult to visualize a happy future without first considering climate change and the need for sustainable solutions to current challenges. Over-consumption is a visible piece of the puzzle, requiring a global shift in how we produce and consume. In this panel, we’ll hear leaders in environmental innovation, design, and architecture discuss what current technology and innovation trends exist to help reduce waste.

Panel. Women in Tech, how gender parity is fostering economic growth

Sharjah 10:00pm, Paris 8:00pm, NYC 2:00pm – 1 hour session

Most organizations recognize the need for gender parity on their teams, not only to drive diversity of thought, but to create equal opportunities in their local communities. Powered by Women in Tech®, this panel of female leaders discuss the ways in which gender parity in their organizations have helped their immediate bottom line, as well as secured potential in future prosperity.


Sharjah 11:00pm, Paris 9:00pm, NYC 3:00pm – 15 minutes session

The lack of gender parity in technology, and the reasons for it, are talked about often. However, how are we sourcing the basis for this conversation? What is the process behind the research being collected? In this session, Joanna Carson is joined by Dr Amina Yagoubi Kurtin, one of Canada’s leading sociologists, to share her research on the global inequalities between boys and girls.

Closing remarks

Sharjah 11:15pm, Paris 9:15pm, NYC 3:15pm – 5 minutes session


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